Need AMD Motherboard Suggestions

I need a really good budget motherboard to go with my XFX 6870 and 965 BE.
i was looking at the MSI 970A-G46

any other suggestions?
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  1. Well I just got that same board. It is very good especially if you plan on crossfiring. There are a few flaws to it though. If you ever want to put another 6870 in the bottom slot, you will not be able to use the 6gb/s sata header, but this isn't really an issue as most SSD's don't even get 1 gb/s. The board is thinner than the average atx board. This is a plus and a minus. On the plus side it is easier to fit into the case, but that it isn't thick enough to fit every row of stand offs, but it doesn't slouch or anything, but if it were half an inch thicker it the graphics card wouldn't block the sata slots.
    It also has an awesome BIOS and even has an email browser integrated into it
    But if you don't need any of those features you could easily get a very good motherboard for cheaper.
  2. (newegg $59.99 link broken). I use the older am3 version of this board. It has three overclocking programs built into the bios which are easy to use.
  3. I wouldn'ti get an am3 board though. Sure it will work with your CPU but you want to upgrade in a year or two AMD will probably still be compatible.
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