Good overclocking software.

I have an MSI AM3+ motherboard, I was wondering if MSI made a CPU overclocking software for amd and if they don't what is a good CPU overclocking software?
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  1. I don't recommend any software for OC'ing, and instead there's 1000's of OC Guides. Just Google your 'MOBO and CPU and Overclock Guide', and I'm sure you'll find tons of How To's on the subject.

    Otherwise create a new Thread in the OC'ing section listing your: MSI MOBO, CPU, RAM & HSF and you'll be helped; Post here -> and look at the 'Sticky'.
  2. What so should I just do it in the BIOS then?
  3. Yep, I never use software or a button to OC. The software isn't very good and the vCore's are too high for a lower OC. 90% is going to be increasing the FSB if you don't have a 'BE' or unlocked FX AMD CPU and increasing the vCore.

    The most common AMD OC software is AMD OverDrive™ -
  4. I've got a 965BE. All the multipliers are unlocked.
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