Win 7 machine hangs while playing video

Hi All

This is the spec of my machine which I built last year :

Asrock 870 extrem 3, 8 GB mushkin enhanced silverline ddr3, two hitachi hdd, radeon 3650 ddr2 card, amd phenom II 555 cpu at stock settings. , psu zalman zm500rs.

My machine has started freezing a few times daily. For two days I tried hard to resolve this but in no vain.
Most of the times, it happens when I am watching or listening through wmp12. So I installed the ati catalyst
driver without amd media decoder but it still hangs.

I tried opening a couple of files altogether with wmp12 and keep them looping for hours with no problem.
But the moment I try to do something else while the video is playing, it freezes. Only option is to hard reboot.
What I find strange is that the other videos which were looping are still playing in the background as I can still hear them.
But the screen freezes completely.

I suspected the video card but running furmark for half an hour does not throw any issue.
I can paste the event log is somebody asks me something ??

pls guide ! thanks.
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  1. I like to rule out software problems and have a spare drive, so I'd pull your current disk drive and use the new drive to build a new system. If the new system performsn without a glitch then you can decide if you want to debug the software problem or just save your files and rebuild.

    If the system fails with fresh build then it might be hardware or software. Post.
  2. I have been trying to troubleshoot since three days, and right now I have uninstalled amd ahci driver. I will update later...... I hope win 7 native ahci driver does the trick for me. This is the best solution I found online till now,.
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