I need to replace my dell inspiron 530 video card model #dcmf

Hello, I just gutted my comp to find out that this sparkle video card:"SPARKLE SF8855DT GeForce FX 5500 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card" won't fit my dell inspiron 530, model DCMF. I am a newbie to the inner workings of a desktop...please advise me, what video card for the cheapest price can i get for light gaming/video editing? Also, i am only surmising that the issue with my comp will be remedied by a new video card. My screen has blue lines and eventually just goes blank. It won't start up to the desktop, it shows up in jumbled missing letters on menu's. I have checked to see if it's my monitor, but that works fine on my laptop. Help Appreciated! I have pictures of the craziness that is my monitor screen right now, if you desire.

Link to video card:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814187043 ( I thought it fit the specs, but it is returnable, i made sure of that, so anything on newegg would be preferable!)

**The Comp does work in Safe Mode, with blue lines down the screen**
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  1. The Dell Inspiron 530 has an available PCI-Ex16 slot and a 300 watt Power Supply. It also appears to have an on-board graphics chipset. If this is the case, then the first thing you want to do is connect your monitor to your on-board chipset and make sure everything else is working properly.

    Given the cards available for the cost of the FX5500 you purchased, I'd probably recommend getting this EVGA GeForce 8400GS for $30.

    -Wolf sends
  2. a friend of mine who makes comps on the side, recommends this replacement: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102843R

    Is that one any better or about the same?

    I have no idea how to hook up my monitor to the onboard chipset, but i will figure it out. Thank you.

    UPDATE: NM, I did a comparison: http://www.hwcompare.com/3227/geforce-8400-gs-512mb-vs-radeon-hd-4650-1gb/
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