Worried about motherboard burning out.

Well, my CPU, Video Card and MB are all running fine for temps, but I'm still rather concerned, here's why.

I built this computer not too long ago, as a temporary solution for my previous computer, which was rather useless. My video card would not transfer over to the new computer, either it magically died (I handled it properly) or would simple not run in the mobo, so I set everything up and installed things off onboard graphics, as a friend said he could bring me free video card the next day.

What has me mostly worried, is that while using onboard graphics, GPU-Z as well as GPU Observer clocked the onboard graphics running at 84c idle. Since then I've been very worried as the computer smells like something is running too hot.

CPU - 44c idle / 50c load (I'll be mounting 2 120mm fans on the back of the drive bays of the Coolermaster HAF XM I have, I'd prefer it running cooler.)

Video Card - Usually mid 50s while gaming, not worried.

MB - Usually about the same as the CPU, sometimes a degree or two cooler. Will be better once I get those fans.

With the Video Card in, I can't seem to check the onboard's temp, but I'm still worried, despite even knowing if the original temperature reading of it was correct.

Thermal paste is all fine.

All heatsinks are properly in place.

Voltages were all fine last I checked.

My house is rather hot, it tends to take what ever temperature is outside and magnify it, as it'll also freezing in the winter. However case is getting good air floor, air being pushed out is not hot, and all components on and in the motherboard seem to be running at ok temps, it's the smell + the onboard gpu reading that have me worried. The smell could be a simple as the case having a bottom mounted power supply, however I would like to know one way or another if there's risk of damage.

Finally the computer itself is:

Asus M3N-HT Deluxe
Phenom II 940BE x4 (Running stock 3ghz)
HD5700 series (5770 I believe, might be 5750, don't remember at this point, and everything just lists it as 5700 series)
6GB DDR2 800
750W PSU, Stealth X Stream brand I believe.

Advice/Do's/Don't's if you would please?
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  1. If Nvidia put the integrated graphic chip in the Northbridge (normally the case), then GPU-Z is probably reading the northbridge temp. 84C wouldn't be bad considering it has just a heat sync to keep it cool. The fact that with the IGP disabled you still read the same temp, would indicate to me that is the case.
  2. Since I have a dedicated GPU now, the onboard gpu is disabled as BIOS setting is on Auto. Since it's disabled, I cannot get readings directly from it.

    Problem is my computer has now started to occasionally crash/restart. Weather has been cooler lately, GPU/CPU/MB temps are now in the 30s idle, 40s under load, hardly ever get up to 50c. The crashing has so far happened while gaming, but the length of time gaming doesn't seem to be a factor, it just crashed after about 20min of gaming, where often I can play for hours without any problem. Sometimes the screen will flick black for a second, again not related to time spent using it (Also I'm currently using a samsung led tv as I can't use my monitor right now, and the tv is VERY finicky about HDMI input, so I'm not sure if the flicker is from computer, or tv itself)

    I'm going to see if I can get any information from dmp files, although it seems like a heat problem, I'm not 100% sure.
  3. After reviewing the dump files, I believe the crashes are coming from an ATI driver issue, so I'll be looking into that.

    This was just horrible timing for a driver issue, as the symptoms are quite close to when growing up, I had am agp gpu fan seize while running, melting the card.

    If problem persists, I will post again, either way I would like to thank clutchc for the help.
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