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I need a new mobo/cpu!

Hey folks,

I currently have these specs:

CPU: Q6600 2.4ghz not OC (don't know how) ((after reading guides :P))
RAM: 8gigs DDR3 1333mhz
PSU: 500w antec (forget what model)
HDD: 1tb maxxtor 7200rpm
CASE: Full sized gigabyte case, lots of room, lots of fans.
HSF: Forget specifics but it's pretty nice, zalman copper etc.

I'm getting about 35fps in big cities in WoW ultra settings. I havn't tested other games FPS as they don't have an in-game fps UI built in. But basically, I'd like to really be able to get 50+fps all the time. As well as be able to get at least 30fps all the time in bf3.

I'd like to get a Motherboard that can hold two of my gtx465 (would that be great? how does double gpu work?) I'd also like to get away from socket 775.

I've been hearing from the kids on the block, lol, that the i5 2500k is the big kid on campus? Can someone explain how the cpu will affect game performance, in comparison to the Q6600. Also like I asked above, can someone explain how double GPU's work in regards to incrasing system performance?

Will my PSU handle an upgrade?

And last but not least, a link to a mobo/cpu would be wonderful, thanks for your interest!
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  1. Anyone willing to take on the task? :)
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    re: "Can someone explain how the cpu will affect game performance, in comparison to the Q6600."

    It depends on the game. Games that use a lot of CPU and no video will respond nicely to a faster cpu, games that use little CPU and tons of graphics will show little/no gains from a faster CPU. This article might help. It shows whether the game is CPU or graphics bottlenecked for a number of games. (sorry, doesn't have WoW, but does have Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which could help you predict BF3. ).,2737.html

    Google a few articles on your video card, gtx465, and BF3 or WOW to see what framerates your card can deliver. Typically articles that test video cards have huge CPU and are not CPU limited.

    re "get at least 30fps all the time in bf3"
    30 FPS in BF2 is possible with your video card at 1920 x 1080. If you are not seeing it, it could be a cpu limit. -- this is bf2 not bf3

    "i5 2500k is the big kid on campus?" yup. i7-2600 marginally better at higher price.

    "can someone explain how double GPU's work in regards to incrasing system performance? " Graphic processing is usually partitionable. Using two graphics cards can give you up to 2X performance improvement depending on the card, driver and game. Google will tell you how gtx 465 performs in SLI in the games you care about. You need a special SLI capable motherboard and two of the exact same video cards. You put a funny cable between them. There are issues (cooling problems, lack of DX9 support, etc.) but this is a great way to improve performance. your ASUS P5QC only has one x16 pcie slot and does not support SLI.


    (1) the q6600 overclocks really well. Figure out how to overclock it. It is easier than physically building a new system

    (2) your GTX465 is a good card. Figure out how to give it a slight overclock. Maybe 10% to shaders. Here's how Here are some heavy overclocks. dont' go this far.

    (3) Once you have the Q6600 at 3ghz instead of 2.4 then see if improved CPU (2.4ghz to 3 ghz is normal for a Q6600 and is a 30% OC) actually improves frame rates. If not then a new CPU/MB will not help much.

    (4) Once you have the video overclocked see if your frame rates go up (they will, a little) then see if you see any playability difference (you might or you may not).

    Based on what you see you can run overclocked for cpu and/or graphics or you can choose whether to get stronger video or processor.
  3. circulate said:
    Anyone willing to take on the task? :)

    Tag back to you for MB help, new PC build info, etc. . I live in the prebuilt / tweaking space.
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  5. Thanks so much for your reply, I will send you a PM when everything is tested/and or i figure out how to OC the cpu. Thanks again bud.
  6. good luck. Q6600 is well known as a good overclocker, but don't go crazy. Mild OC is OK for chip, heavy OC, especially with voltage increase can fry it. Q6600 is really two Conroe dual core chips in a single socket to reach quad core. The fastest conroe sold by intel (E6850) was 3Ghz, so this should be pretty safe. Watch temps. And if you fry it, remember it was an $850 part when released. lol.
  7. Yea, thank you for all your help once again bud!!

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