Will my graphic card fit?

Hello people,
I have a P5Q asus motherboard, im planning to buy the HD 6670 saphire or msi i´m not sure yet. The space available on my motherboard is quite small. Will any of these gpu fit on my motherboard?
Thank you
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  1. What to you mean the space available on your motherboard?What is your case?
  2. My case is a generic one, a Biswal. I was asking because of the width of the gpu and the space availabe on the motherboard.
  3. The 6670 is rather small gpu.Its a two slot design so if you have a pci-ex card right next to the pci-e slot you might night to move it on to the next one.
    Here are the dimention of the card:
  4. What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is the make.model of your power supply?

    If your worried about space then get the single slot version by XFX.It's the same price.

    XFX 6670 $100=$84 after MIR + $7 Shipping


    Theirs a cheaper version if your intrested.
  5. Is this your mobo?


    Motherboard manufactures already think of that kind of stuff when they build mobos.Their should be enough clearance for the card if thats what your worried about.Or is it that your case is a micro?
  6. That is the E version, mines is the cheaper one. My case is ok for the card, mine mobo is this http://mb.yesky.com/imagelist/2008/167/1b529813etl1.jpg
    im a little shorth with my psu, is a tr2 430w.
    Im worried because of the south bride i think it is, i think the cooler of the card wont fit there.
  7. You will be fine.The Southbridge heatsink should be flush with the PCI-Express lanes but if it isn't you can still get the single slot card which shouldn't be a problem at all.
  8. Do you recommend me getting the saphire one?
    Its difficult to get the xfx in my country.
  9. I recomend the sapphire also the msi is very good
  10. I found where to buy the XFX, but its ddr3 and the msi and saphire are ddr5, kss207rc are you sure it will fit?, the cooler of the gpu is going to be above the southbridge ( i think its called that way), and it may be touching it or something.
  11. I think yes as i see in the photo(this one http://jiaimge.free.fr/Asus%20P45%20Motherboards/Asus%20P5Q.jpg ) the heatsink is low so you wont have a problem.The sapphire will definitely fit because the cooler goes as far back as the pci-e conection goes so you wont have a problem.You can also check how high the heatsinks goes on your motherboard,if it reases above the pci-e about a 1cm or 2cm you wont have any problem with the msi too but generally i think you wont have problem with any of those cards.
  12. Ok, thank you for your time.
    Problem solved.
  13. Just a notice,with a second look i think the heatsink is aligned with the end of the pci-ex slot(the little white one)so there is no problem with any 6670.
    Hope a helped.
  14. I haven't been able to find any 6670's with DDR5 memory.I was wondering why they would make a new card with DDR3 memory.

    I would had gone with the single slot just because it's a certain fit and it can provide better airflow but the other card will work just as well.If you can find a DDR5 card then defnitly get that over a single slot DDR3 card.
  15. What do you mean by the heatsink? the southbridge? sorry im kinda newbie and english is not my first language.
  16. I mean the(yellow-orange) think that covers the southbridge chip(the one next to the battery).
  17. He's saying the heatsink is flush to the PCI-Express slot.Meaning if you were to lay a card on it,it would go over top of it and wouldn't touch.This is a good thing.
  18. Now its clear, i thought the soutbridge was the yellow thing, not a chip lol.
    Thank you
  19. It's ok my friend you will learn as the time passes dont warry.Yes thoses peaces of aluminium are the heatsinks the chips and other components are under,the heatsinks one top are for cooling.
  20. The other day i insalled a cpu cooler and i think i broke something because it started crashing and things, sad :(.
  21. The thing with computers us you gotta be gentle.But you also have to be firm.It's a wierd balance.EX.You must use care when holding RAM sticks but when you insert them you must use lots of force.
  22. Yes, i went to buy the 6670 but is solded, i guess ill have to wait until next month. I dont think my psu can hold another good gpu.
  23. You can always get a 5670.They are practically the same card.
  24. I read the 6670 is slighly better, ill wait.
  25. Strangely that is the only card that AMD made improvements on.Every other card has just been re labled.

    Goodluck then.
    Post back if you have any other questions or problems.
    Happy Gaming.
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