How much of W do I need?

Hello guys,

I'm planning to buy this setup:

DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 4GB (2x2GB) 1600MHz CL9 XMP
SSD OCZ Agility 3 Series 60GB SATA3 MLC, 525/500MBs
Asus VH238T 23" LCD LED

The question is how much of power do I need?
And another question how much of power will be required after I update some components in a year or so:

i3-2100 -> i5-2500K + cooler for CPU
Another 6950 2GB GPU in corssfirex
+4 GB of RAM
1 or 2 TB HDD

Thank you guys very much ;) Waiting for your answers.. :)
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  1. 450-500 actual watts to be ready for the upgrade

    be aware some power supplies cannot deliver their rated wattage. read a reputable review of the power supply you are contemplating.

    i personally recommend a 500 watter from corsair
  2. Never, ever skimp an a PSU! Get an 80 certified, Preferably Bronze or more. 500W will be fine, 550 or 600W allows for upgrades in the future.
  3. OK guys, thanks for answers, so if I pick a PSU Corsair TX550M 80 PLUS Bronze High Performance Modular 550W it is enough for my current setup, right? And can I buy now a more powerfull PSU for my upgraded system, and how much more w's it chould be?
  4. If you think you will upgrade to another 6950 soon, consider a 650W PSU.
    Power supplies are long term, Mobo's and video are short term in the computer world.
  5. for twin 6950's? i'd say 700 from a good manufacturer. Droozel, how many amps does the 6950 say its needs?

    I'd suggest you want 50Amps to allow you to go to crossfire. which means a minimum of 600W, if it can all of those 600W on the 12V lines. Hence I'd be thinking in reality 700W.
  6. OK guys, thats more info than i can imagine, so what can you recommend to me? A good quality 650-700W but not very expensive, because im on a tight budget...
  7. I'd say min 650W for the crossfire setup. 700W would be safer.
  8. Yes ok, but im a little bit out of the way regarding PSU's brands, can someone recommend a good price per value brand or model that does not doing noices of a train passing by :)
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