GTX 590 abnormal idle stats.. please help.. GPU-Z screenshot included

(This may look like a big post but it's really only because of the 4 pictures, not that much to read at all)

I've been posting threads about my favourite games running slowly on this forum and have gotten some really useful advice from people, but I think i have identified the problem.

I looked up the review for the gtx 590 on and looked at the card's temperature information, these are their results

Asus GTX 590 video card GPU-Z 0.5.2 details

Asus GTX 590 Idle Temperatures

Again, those were THEIR results. I downloaded GPU-Z 5.0.3 (the most recent version) and these are my results

Asus GTX 590 video card GPU-Z details

Asus Gtx 590 video card idle stats

So as you can see.. The details of the video cards are the same, but the Idle temperatures screen is abnormal on mine compared to theirs.

I took those two screenshots with only the internet open with one tab being youtube, the other being and the other being this site.
Why are my video card specs so abnormal? someone please help :(
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  1. The rest of my system specs:

    Intel Core i7 2600k overclocked to 3.8ghz Liquid cooled
    8gb of G.Skill Ripjaws RAM
    asROCK p67 Extreme4 Motherboard
    1000W power supply
  2. I dont think the stasts are out of normal apart the temperature that it is a bit high the rest are ok.In thhe results you took from the web the gpu is in absolute idle and has drop down its clocks to save power,as my 560 hawk does from 950mhz it has two scales,one at 405mhz and in absolute idle 51mhz so here it is happening the same thing.If you want install this gadget and monitor your card i have it also and it is great.
  3. Even when you think you are in idle mode, certain internet webpages may have Flash based graphics which may cause the GPU to kick into a higher performance mode. Windows Aero interface sometimes causes it to kick in as well.

    I am a little puzzled as to why one screenshot shows 613 mhz and the other shows 607.5 mhz. You should download Afterburner and use the graph that shows your core speed and follow that to see if there is truly something amiss.
  4. Okay so I downloaded Afterburner and im not exactly sure what to be looking at/for, so i took a screenshot of the graphs:

    The bottom few graphs were cut off, but it's got the core clock speed and temperatures - what do you guys think? is there something wrong with my GTX 590? :(
  5. No from what i see(temps,fans speeds)its completly normal.You can also see what i was telling about the power saving on my hawk,it is also hear with the core clock at 51mhz if i am not wrong the memory clocks must be at 135mhz when core is 51.So dont worry about anything.Also give as a screenshot of load state.
  6. Those are good/normal stats for your card in idle. Your temperatures are outstanding. Leave the graph enabled, then play a game and take a screenshot of it the GPU at load. The important variables are core clock, fan speed, and temperatures.
  7. This goes for all video cards. When using 1 card with more than 1 display it forces to 3d clocks.

    On the GTX 590 once u have ur chipset drivers installed which will detect gpu #2 after u install chipset sli drivers.

    Then plug 1 monitor into gpu #1 port, and plug another in gpu #2 port.

    If your running 1 display then I'd say wipe drivers with DDU in safemode. Restart, let windows do it's thing, restart again. Then you can install new drivers. Install drivers, restart. Now check your clocks, if viewing in gpu-z at first will clock to 3d but auto-down clock after a few seconds if operating normally.

    Otherwise I'd say bios flash it. Mod the volts to be the same on both gpu(s) at say around 900-925mv or 0.900v or 0.925v. If you need precise help I can do that.

    Good luck
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