Buying new PSU, which one ?

Hello, my PSU just blew up (cooler master) after 3 days of use, so I'm getting a another one, but I'm not sure what to go for. OCZ or Corsair? Or prehaps something else entirely?

Budget: £60-£70 ~
W: 600+

I looked through a few myself and this one doesnt look so bad to me butI am really clueless when it comes to PSU's.

What do you guys think of this: OCZ ZS Series 650W 80+ Bronze PSU with 135mm Fan & single +12V Rail

Thanks in advance
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  1. I like it. My ocz has run fine for almost a year. The large fan is pretty quiet.
  2. Nothing wrong with the OCZ ZS Series 650W, except that functionally it is a 550W PSU (only two PCIe cables).

    All of the below are better in terms of the number of PCIe cables they have:
    Antec Truepower New TPN-650 80Plus Bronze Modular £70

    XFX Pro 650W Core Edition 80Plus Bronze £70

    I also like this:
    Thermaltake Toughpower XT 675W 80Plus Bronze Modular £63

    If you want the highest efficiency possible in that price range:
    Be Quiet Efficient Power 600W 80Plus Gold £61
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