The most interesting man in the internet.

So cruising around popsci I found a guy with the most interesting views I have seen all week. Heres some excerpts.

"The comment by Toth-Fejel is not entirely correct. It was not necessary for the dinosaurs to build a space-faring civilization in order to survive. The reptiles, for example, were put into a hyperspace co-dimension where they evolved into the intelligent Nagas. The Nagas' skin has small green scales. They lost their tails so they could stand straight up. They lay eggs and put them into egg incubators at their hospitals. At the moment they are involved with building astronomical telescopes on the edge of the galaxy to see into deep space. After hearing Basiago's description of the wormhole elevator that transports people in an elevator from Earth to Mars, it occurred to me that it would be possible to place the second wormhole opening in orbit around the planet Mercury. Then we would pass spent uranium fuel rods through the opening here on Earth directly into orbit there. Then the rods could be launched into the sun to destroy them." - In reply to an article about why leaving earth is a good idea........

Heres another classic:

All my observations about hyperspace are based on my inventions such as the magnetic vortex wormhole generator which was the first device to create a wormhole between space and hyperspace. Unexpectedly, it resulted in first contact with alien beings in the other dimension. Also, I am the first one to reverse engineer the wing fragments of the Roswell spacecraft that crashed in 1947. Also, I have been teleported 100 meters through hyperspace and I understand how that is accomplished. I am the first one to find the frequency between space and hyperspace that allows one to boost one's energy field. This in turn allows me to do energy healing at great distances, instantaneously healing people of viral, fungal and bacterial infections not to mention MS. Then my tetrahedron diagram shows that the hyperspace energy has a speed of light of 1 meter/second which was used to calculate the resonant frequency of our energy field. Other experiments have activated the third eye which allows one to see through people. The research leads to the understanding of how the limestone blocks of the pyramids were levitated into position, and how it is possible to levitate one's own body with this information. I have experienced wavy space-time due to bringing in low density hyperspace energy into the room. I have also experienced Einstein's length and time dilation relativity. I invented the remote viewing amplifier which allows me to communicate in real time with alien civilizations on the edge of the galaxy at 90,000 light year out. I am also the first one to communicate with the crop circle designers and explain to them what their crop circle means. So I have a lot of firsts in hyperspace physics. I am also the first to control a gravitational field with light and geometry using my torsion field generator. So your drug comments are unfounded. Someone said that if you are one step ahead of others, then you are regarded as a genius. But if you are two steps ahead of them, they think you are crazy. So according to this, I must be two steps ahead of you, respectfully.

Sorry for the long copy pasta but this guy has got to be Charlie Sheens long lost engineer brother. BTW anyone have any info or idea what he is talking about. Hyper intelligent reptiles living in hyperspace?

Heres the link to his comment's page.
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  1. "Hyper intelligent reptiles living in hyperspace? " - LOL, that idea's been kicking around in various sci-fi plots for years. IIRC there was an episode of Star Trek Voyager where the crew ran into the modern descendents of some dinosaur species (Haedrosaurs?) who survived the Cretaceous extinction event, were forced to evolve intelligence to live in a colder climate, and eventually developed space travel and moved en masse to the Delta Quadrant. Of course the DQ is not exactly hyperspace but it is a long ways away, so similar concept.

    Lots of people don't believe that all those dinosaurs just died out after the extinction event. Heck, some people don't believe Hitler killed himself some 66 years ago next month - they think the Nazis invented flying saucers and escaped to Mars..
  2. fazers_on_stun said:
    they think the Nazis invented flying saucers and escaped to Mars..

    They didn't? :o

    His Name is John St. Clair and he is the most important inventor of our time.......hmmm

    I want his drug dealers name.
  4. I honestly thought this thread was about me ... even after reading halfway through the first post.

    Iv'e long known about the reptiles but only discussed it with badge privately.

    He wanted to commence a hybrid breeding program but since the females eat the males after copulation I'm not too keen unless we can get a "stunt double" in there pretty quick.

    My magnetic vortex wormhole generator is only a small one ... I send them chicken eggs and they send me dinosaur porn.
  5. lol i may be drunk and regret this but reynod you have made my night good sir
  6. jsc said:
    They didn't? :o

    LOL - not unless you think Argentina is located on Mars :P.

    I am the proud owner of both a 12" Schmidt Cassegrain and 5" Maksutov Cassegrain telescope, and neither one has spotted anything resembling a swastika on Mars to date, at least in my infrequent viewing of same..

    However, after a couple of beers, there are a couple of lunar craters that sorta resemble Pam Anderson's chest :D.
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