2 computers can't network

Both running XP, Cable Modem, both NI on MB, have tried two routers, same problem. Same Workgroup name, different computer names
Neither sees the other, cannot ping each other; just get a time-out, but can ping themselves and the IP. Both have internet. I have tried following MS troubleshooting (as best I could). Have tried setting up a network numerous times, they see themselves, not the other. Have turned off XP firewall, I do not use it. The problem was the same under Norton and Trend Micro firewalls. I've ran the TCP/IP reset which didn't work.
I could go on....it has to be software, but what? Any help, things to try, would be appreciated.

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  1. What IPs do each computer pick up? You have them both on DHCP getting IPs from the Router I hope?
    You should have it setup: Modem into WAN on Router, then both PCs plugged into 1-4, not the 5th port if your router has that?
    Check to see if your router is issuing IPs to each PC.
    My friend setup a network and set a static IP on his PC and they weren't able to ping each other because the router wasn't issuing an IP in the range he used for a static so the router blocked it by default.

  2. Yes, DHCP is enabled on both computers and the router. The router provides and both computers are set for dynamic IP's. 1st computer is, the 2nd is
    The router connections are exactly as you described. Thanks for your ideas and info.
    What's strange is that, when XP came out and put on both computers, it worked! Somewhere, I can't pin it down, it stopped.
    Yesterday, when I was doing MS's setup a home network (for the umpteenth time. Playing). One computer saw the other but when I tried to go to it, it went away.
    What fun......
  3. Both PCs have Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing installed too?
    You might want to try going to Start - Run - type \\(computername)\C$ (ex: \\homepc\C$ ) and see if that brings up anything. That's just using the UNC instead to access the PC instead of a ping. It shouldn't really be this difficult to get the two hooked up.

  4. Correct on your first sentence, both are installed.
    I typed the command as given, on this computer it brought up a windows explorer of my C drive, on the other it brought up "The Network Path was not found"
    It's as if something is corrupt and it won't show it's ugly head where I can understand what's wrong.
    Thank you for these ideas.
    The only four items in the LAN properties of my connection are:
    Client for Microsoft Networks
    File and Printer Sharing
    QoS Packet Schduler and
    Internet Protocol TCP/IP
    and I haven't changed the defaults on any settings, that I remember.....

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  5. I'd just completely reinstall the network and start from the beginning. Somthing like this happened to me before so I just reinstalled it and then it worked.
  6. Are you using any firewalls at all? I dont use windows XP but doesnt it come with a built in firewall? Do you need to set the IP range 192.168.0.x to trusted?
  7. Currently I'm using Trend Micro's firewall, but I have shut that down completely at times to make sure it wasn't causing this.
    I had used Norton's with identical results. I have never used XP's though each time you use the Network Wizard it happily turns it on. I shut it off.
    Finding this site is great. You and I know it is something dumb that I have done, somewhere, sometime. So just let this issue fade into oblivion.....I'll keep playing.
    I'm not a novice, nowhere near that with computers; networking has always been (no offense) Greek to me....
  8. Couple of possible idea's.

    Did you leave them on long enough to see each other-when adding computers it "can" take up to-i believe 20 some odd min for network to see it.

    Does your modem and or router have reference to allowing/disallowing computers on the network to see each other?

    I have a 2wire dsl modem/router and you must enable the the firewall screens.
  9. Thank you for replying.
    Yes, both computers are on full-time and reboots have been made after each attempt to network.

    The router does see both computers, it lists both on it's Dynamic DHCP Clients list, their IP Address and MAC Address, but I cannot ping, or anything else, the other computer.

    I am not really familiar with changing settings on the router's IE setup pages, I kind of left everything at default except passwords.
    Thanks for your ideas.
  10. Folders have been selected to be shared ??
  11. Make sure the windows firewall is off after you disable your other firewalls. If you have SP2 it has a tendancy to enable the windows firewall when you disable others.
    Have you shared a folder on both computers with simple file sharing enabled? You must do this at least once so you can click the little disclaimer and choose "just enable filesharing". My computers didn't communicate on a network at all until I did that.

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  12. At the very least, each XP machine should have a default "Shared Folder" that you would see under My Computer. Once the network is successfully set up, this folder will be accessible by the other computer without having to enable sharing on any other folder or file.

    PaulOfYork: I would use the Network Setup Wizard on BOTH computers. When you used the wizard on one of the computers, did you select "This computer connects to the Internet through a residential gateway or through another computer on my network"? If not, this should be your selection.
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