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Core i5 or bulldozer

ok so im not used to the amd stuff and they seem to be so cheap hears quick info in what i want

Overclooking yes

rig use :gameing full lood

MOBO:asrock extreme 7 gen 3 if go with amd relly have no idia my friend :pt1cable:

so yah just wana know y is intel 1000$ for a 6 core and amd is only 250-23x for 8 core O_O??
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    For gaming get Intel I5 2500K on lga1155 motherboard, anything more expensive is a waste of money! 8 core amd gets beaten by the I5 2500K in gaming!
  2. lol OMG ok NVM then it is time to buy BTW a bit help whats the best fans in market with red led? 200mm for my HAF x
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