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so i want to restore my computer to factory settings and every one i talk to tells me to use the cd witch i dont have or when i boot up to hit f11 iv tried all this and nothing works i booted my cp in safe mode and then i ran syestem restore but it does not give me the option to restore to factory settings i can only go back 1 month if any one can help iv bin looking how to make the system restore work i have a gateway fx6000
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  1. Here are some steps you can try directly from gateway support:
  2. only thing is for some reason i do not have Gateway Recovery Management is there a way to re download it or a nother way?
  3. Most prebuilt systems come with a hidden recovery partition and recovery software to do the sort of restore you are requesting, you didn't by chance delete this? If so your best bet might be calling gateway support and ordering a recovery disk from them. Usually they don't cost too much.
  4. well it came with a 750 gig hard drive but i had to replace it so i took it to a computer store and they put in two 500gig hard drives and one is a a back up so maby thats why i dont have it any more?
  5. That is your issue then. I would just call gateway support and order a recovery DVD.
  6. ok thank you for your help i will do that now
  7. Just a heads up, i know this post is very old, and i have been trying to figure this out all morning... If you upgraded to a better windows ect and its not showing you having the gateway recovery managemnt anymore on your computer, what I did is showed hidden files and folders, you will see your acer folder (Where all the backup stuff is for recovery) This is were I found the installer again for the GRM C:\ACER\Preload\Autorun\APP\Recovery Management (Then click setup) The C:\ part will change depending on your drive. Loading the recovery management will reinstall the gateway recovery management to your computer. Hope this helps at least one person! I was pretty proud of myself for finding it! :D
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