Hi frndz...i have a problem with my Asus P5G41T MLX motherboard.USB ports cant detect a card reader or a printer or a flash drive but it detects digital camera ......but if i plug in a flash drive,card reader, printer etc and restart my PC ...after restarting the USB port works well till i remove that device...if try to put it in back,it won't make it work again i have to restart the PC...Plz reply if u have any solution.
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  1. Maybe. Achi mode allows "hot swap" devices to be recognized instantly. Here's the procedure for changing to achi without a fresh windows installation: After changing the windows registry settings, you reboot and press the "del" key to get into the bios. Look for the sata or ide settings, and change from "native ide" to "achi", save and exit. If you don't have an achi setting, windows will continue running in native ide mode. No harm done.
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