Performance per clock of ARM cpu?

They are becoming more powerful with quad cores beginning to emerge in the market. But should intel and amd be worried on the mid-range to high-end range of their CPU lineups?

Does a quad-core based ARM like Cortex A-15 @2ghz come close to a core2duo @2ghz or core i3 @1.6ghz?

I think this is hard to know because you can't run 3dMark on arm yet but what is your guess?
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  1. You can't compare the IPC of arm to x86 as its a different set of instructions. When Windows 8 comes out there may be some benchmarks you can compare for now there is only Linux. This article has some comparisons and it looks like arm performance is still miles away from being close to x86 performance and only good for ultra low power.
  2. Different instruction sets running on different hardware with different OS's, so its REALLY hard to make any sort of comparison. Windows 8 can give us an idea, but even then, we don't know if the OS or the CPU would be at fault if theres a significant difference...
  3. The above members already explained the situation, but I'll give you the lowdown on real world expectations. Comparing ARM to x86 cpu's, my overclocked touchpad's web browsing capability cannot hold a candle to my ancient 2400xp Athlon, BUT I can tell you that flash works a little bit better on the TP than the Athlon since flash is a much more dominant web format today than when the Athlon came out due to chip optimizations. When it comes to general web browsing, where it takes the TP a minimum of 10 secs to load a page(simple sites like Google load quickly), the Athlon did it in less than 2 secs. ARM cpu's IMO are not ready for prime time, but it has a bright future. I respect their power sipping demands but the performance is still lacking.
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