Error code "19" then reboot before post

Hey guys, i've been having a serious problem with my PC lately and i've been to a few forums with no luck on finding an answer.

ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
16GB Mushkin @1600MHz
i7 2600k
1200 watt PSU

When I hit the power button on my PC, it will get stuck at error code "19" on my motherboard, reboot by itself about 5-6 seconds into it, and then it freezes at the "Starting Windows" screen with the Windows logo. After that I have to do a hard restart for it to do anything, and then it's fine again. I looked in my motherboard manual and apparently this means "Pre-memory PCH initialization has started." The thing is, it doesn't happen every time, and it's completely random on when it decides to do this for some reason.

Is this fixable? I am currently on BIOS version 2001 if that makes a difference. I really hope someone can clear this up for me. Please, it would be very much appreciated.
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  1. What is this error code 19 on your motherboard. Can you elaborate?
  2. Error code 19 means "Pre-memory PCH initialization has started" according to my motherboard manual. What does this mean? Is this fixable? :(
  3. Try this:

    Is that the latest Bios version. 2001? If not then get the latest one.
  4. I was actually on the latest BIOS on the number 1 chip on my motherboard, but apparently it was for Ivy Bridge and I was getting the same exact problem. A guy over at the ASUS forum told me to switch to BIOS chip 2 on my board and now i'm at factory shipped version 2001 because I have Sandy Bridge. I'm not sure what the latest Sandy Bridge version is, but on my BIOS chip 1 I was on version 3208 for Ivy Bridge before I switched to BIOS chip 2 and apparently that version was giving people with Sandy Bridge a lot of problems.
  5. Whats the product type on your RAM. Is it one kit?

    RAM might be unstable. Is it XMP compatible? If so try it out and adjust it.
  6. I'm using 2 sets (4x4GB) for my RAM . 1600MHz 7-9-8-24. So it's filling all four slots on my motherboard.

    I don't use the XMP, I have it set manual in the BIOS. Also, all four sticks passed 5 full passes of Memtest 86+ so i'm not so sure it's the RAM.

    EDIT: I tried disabling Internal PLL Overvoltage like the guy in that link to the other thread and it will not boot into Windows without it on Enabled or Auto, so that can't be a solution for me unforunately.
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