My laptop doesn't boot(the log in screen appears to be blank, whereas the welcom

Hey, I need help regarding driver installation. I just installed NFS the Run and Battlefield 3 on my windows 7 Dell XPS, the game showed me an error and asked me to download driver version 259.38 from the nvidia website, I did so and the game started working, but not properly. Anyway, so I restarted my laptop and after the 'starting windows' screen, it went blank, the blue log in screen never came (i could hear the tune though).
Then i restored my system to a previous date (thereby uninstalling the new driver) and now the system is working but the game is showing the same error again

Please help
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  1. Try downloading the driver from nvidia's website.
    If you don't know what model of video card you have, it can be determined by: Start>Right-click on My Computer>Manage>Device Manager>Display Adapters
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