Problem with core temps and HWmonitor

Hey everyone,

(PC specs in profile)

so its been a while and i wanted to check out my CPU core temps using HWmonitor.
so i open the program and my Core Temps aren't showing anymore.
so i did the first logical thing and updated the program. still nothing.
the thing is, last time i really used the program, i had no problems and
it would always show the core temps. now nothing.

anyone got an idea why i cant see my temps anymore?
I can see the temps for everything else.

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  1. i got that program and it seems to be working. thanks.
  2. I still would like to know whats causing the glitch in HWmonitor

    anyone? anyone?
    I'll leave this thread open for a little while
  3. The first time I started HWMonitor, it showed like 1 or 2 temps. For some reason it didn't populate the rest of the stuff right away.

    I left it open for a few minutes and then closed the program and opened it again and everything was populated like it was supposed to be.

    Every time after that, everything showed up correctly.

    I don't know if that somehow helps you or not, but maybe it will.

    You could try uninstalling, restarting, reinstalling it, and then trying the above steps that I did.

    I can't tell you much else other than that.
  4. I don't know why but HW monitor can be goofy sometimes. It did the same thing with me when I was trying to overclock a Phenom II. For whatever reason it didn't show all the CPU temps. I exited out of it and then retried it and it showed all the temps like it was suppose to.
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