Asus P8Z77-M Pro Cooler problem !

I have the Asus P8Z77-M Pro and I have run into a problem mid buid - My cpu cooler comes with a backplate that goes on the back of the board to give it a more secure fitting but it won't fit as there is a metal plate already there on the back of the cpu socket - do I fit the cooler without the backplate ? Any help appreciated - Thank's.

Cooler is Silverstone NT06-e (shrowd reversed with 140mm fan mounted underside blowing upwards - I know this cooler has had bad review's, but that's because the dum dum reviewers mount it on a vertical mobo and it's not engineered to be used that way )
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  1. Actually, you are suppose to remove the existing backplate and replace it with the new. The bad part of that is they use a very effective double-sided tape on the backplate which makes removal a royal pain but that is what is expected.
    I have had mixed success trying to use stock backplates with aftermarket coolers - sometimes it works well but that depends upon the size and threading of the hold down screws that come with the cooler - if you're real lucky, the screws will be the same size and thread as the existing backplate and it will not be designed so differently that it doesn't allow for good seating.
    I hope I made sense there...
  2. Hi, thank's for your reply, but the backplate thing that is already there is part of the LGA1155 socket - It's not something that has been stuck on as it's new - not sure if it's just this board or other LGA1155's that have it, but it'd be nice to know how other's get around this ? Thank's again.
  3. Just got a reply back from Silverstone tech department,

    Many thanks for your request.

    You have to install the back plate even if there is already a small metal plate on the mainboard.

    Don’t ‘worry it works. We are using the same mainboard here for our testing system with NT06-E cooler.

    So as far as I'm aware, I just put the NT06-e backplate over the small metal plate on the back of the board - I'll give it a go :)
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