4-bit display after power cut?


After dealing with my electricity circuit tripping a few times when my fridge was in its death throes, I turned my comp on to see it has freaked out on me.

Display is tuck at 4 bit colours and low screen resolution. Seems laggier than usual. Flash crashes when browsing and other programs don't run anymore, like TVersity.

I haven't had any error messages to do with any display or graphics drivers. I've looked around on this forum for people with similar problems and I haven't really been able to solve it.

Someone suggested downloading My Drivers. Things which seem to be of note are:
ATI ESI1000 Card (RN50)
NVidia nForce PCI System Management
and highlighted in red: PCI Memory Controller [UNKNOWN DEVICE].

Googling this led to me to try and install the nForce unified driver as it has somehow gotten uninstalled, maybe knocked out by the power cut? Anyway, installation exits halfway through, so I have cone unstuck here. I fear I may be barking up the wrong tree anyway.

I'm going to be sitting at my desk all day trying to work from home (although doing that is hard because the remote client is also not working properly now) so if anyone can help me out, I'll be able to respond right away.

Thanks very much in advance

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  1. Unless the power outages damaged your hardware, which is possible, you need to get the drivers to install. Are you sure you are getting the right ones for your computer?
  2. Hi hang-the-9

    Have just managed to fix this. Have reinstalled NVidia and ATI drivers which has fixed the problem.

    Thanks very much

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