What goes in a PCI Express x1 slot?

"snarfies1: This is the answer snarfies1I said: have an eSATA RAID card in my 1X slot. What goes in a PCI Express x1 slot?"
I have a HP dx2250 mother board with a PCI Express x1 slot on it.

My question is how did you get your eSATA RAID card to fit in your 1X slot? I have two eSATA RAID cards I would like to put in my 1X slot.
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  1. Well if you have an eSATA RAID card that has a 1x connector it will work in any 1x slot or higher. You can also put it in a 4x and 16x slot if you wish. It won't snap it but it will work just fine.

    If you have a RAID card with a 4x connector (common on larger RAID cards) then it can fit in a 4x slot or higher. If you're extremely careful you could even cut part of the connector off and fit it into the 1x slot. Don't do this though.
  2. HP Compaq dx2250 specs - http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12605_div/12605_div.HTML

    (2) full-height PCI 2.3 slots, (1) PCI-E x1 slot, (1) PCI-E x16 slot

    DVD+/-RW Drives (2) using IDE ATAPI
    3.5” Serial ATA Hard Drives (4) using SATA ; Four Serial ATA interfaces support data transfer rates up to 3.0 Gb/s

    Integrated Graphics
    Built-in ATI graphics processor
    provided by the ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 chipset

    First you have a (4) four onboard SATA connectors so you can have (3) three additional SATA drives connected. Next, you appear to have a x16 and x1 PCIe slot so IF you're using the 'Built-in ATI graphics' for your video (monitor) then ANY PCIe card can be installed in the x16 PCIe slot as long as you have adequate PSU power if a supplementary PCIe power is required (most PCIe SATA Cards don't).
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