3 or 4GB Installed still 2.75 usable Windows 7

Hi Guys

Just updating my partners laptop, just updated the RAM to 4GB , strange thing is whether 3GB or 4GB , Windows 7 x86 or 64 , the laptop properties states "2.75" Usable

Even though the laptop Bios and windows properties detects 4GB when installed (see attached if in doubt )

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I understand the GPU uses 256 MB , though what happens to the other 1 GB when using 4GB ?

Crucial's upgrade tool recommends 2 GB in each slot and specs also show the same on various website .

I'd understand if the Laptop motherboard only supports 3GB , though even the Bios recognized 4096MB

Im lost :heink:

Laptop System

HP/Compaq CQ60 311SA
AMD TURION ZM 82 2.20Ghz (upgrade)
Windows 7 x32 Home premium
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  1. Well a 32-bit OS can have anywhere between 3.0GB~3.5GB usable and then less the iGPU Shared memory. Are you guessing or did you look in the BIOS what the 'iGPU Shared Memory' is set to? Often adding more RAM that value increases automatically requiring you to set is manually in the BIOS.

    IF the RAM were 'bad' then @ 2x2GB you'd have less than 2GB listed.

    Next what do you mean by 'upgrade' -- I assume if you upgraded a CPU that you KNOW or checked with HP that the AMD TURION ZM 82 2.20Ghz (upgrade) CPU is supported and the CPUID is part of the BIOS. The AMD Sempron 2.10 GHz SI-42 is listed - http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01700581&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=3927351
  2. I'm 100% certain that 4069MB ram is showing in Bios .

    The AMD TURION ZM 82 2.20Ghz (upgrade) is also 100% compatible , already checked

    There is no option for iGPU in the Bios

    I've ran MEMTEST more times than I've had hot dinner this week , Ram is fine
  3. Quote:
    IF the RAM were 'bad' then @ 2x2GB you'd have less than 2GB listed.

    Never suggested is was bad or missing.

    There should be some place in the BIOS to adjust the iGPU's amount of shared memory, iGPU Shared memory might be called something else because there's no universal nomenclature for BIOS labels. Otherwise, look if there's an application (task bar) or control panel to adjust the iGPU's RAM size.
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