New PSU, PC keeps freezing mid-startup?

I just recently bought a Kingwin 750W PSU for my computer, as the old one suddenly gave out. I was having problems at first with it not displaying anything (realized it was my fault; the processor was not properly placed in it's socket : P) but now it boots and everything.

The thing is, is it constantly freezes during startup. It mainly freezes at the screen that displays my motherboard screen (the "Press 4 to unlock cores, DEL for startup, yadda yadda"), but it has frozen at the "Windows is starting up" screen, as well as during the startup fixer(?).

The only thing that is noticeably different is that when it boots up, instead of making one consistently, yet slowly, increasing 'whirring' noise, it makes a few choppy ones, like "WHHIIRRrrrrwwWWWWHHHIIIRRRRwwwhhhiirrrRRR" (I feel odd writing that, but that's really the only way I can easily describe it). The motherboard does it's normal beep, signalling that everything is OK, and the fans all work as well. The only thing I could think of that could be wrong, is that I, out of haste, booted up the computer on it's side and the HDD made some ticking noises (quickly shut it off though), or that I placed the heatsink on wrong over the CPU.

Could either of those have mattered? It has done this before, I believe it went away with time. I have lots of schoolwork I need done, so I need to try and resolve this quickly. What should I do to verify it's not a bad PSU or some basic things I may have overlooked?

tl;dr, Got a new PSU, PC freezes at random times during boot. Possible causes? Obvious answers are welcome too, I tend to be scatterbrained a lot.

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EDIT: It now will get past the motherboard screen, but it always freezes at the "Windows is starting" screen, or the Windows Startup Repair screen. Each time. I know this because my keyboard won't respond to me pressing the CAPS Lock, as well as nothing, you know, happening. I have a feeling the Windows files are messed up from booting it sideways..
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  1. Never mind. For whatever reason, when I used a different power cord it started working. Everything works fine now.
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