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Need your assistance I trying to build a three monitor workstation. I need a low profile video card that can run HD and Blueray. SyncMaster 226BS and ACER H233H and Samsung 19". I will have to upgrade PSU as it is 350w. I'm currently using XFX (ATI HD 5450). And Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250.
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  1. If you're running Windows Vista or 7, you can run 3 monitors off of this card and it's low profile:


    Also, note it only supports DVI connections and won't run under XP:


    If you get this version of the 5450, though, you'll be able to run 3 monitors and you won't have to upgrade your power.

    Are you running Windows XP?
  2. I'm running OS Windows 7. I like the idea of not having to get a new PSU for the visiontek. Will the below monitors work with the cards you mentioned?

    The three Monitors have the these connections:
    SyncMaster 226BW - D-Sub, DVI-D
    SyncMAster 731BF - DVI-D
    Acer H233H - HDMI VGA (HD-15) DVI

    Is 512 mb enough memory?
  3. The 1680x1050 resolution is not supported on this card. You'd have to run that monitor in another res on this card. I was trying to keep it cheap for you, but the visiontek site doesn't list this as a supported resolution. I saw another, though it states one of the monitors must support a display port connection:



    I know there are passive converters out there that will convert the DP to aDVI connection supporting up to 1080p resolutions.

    Are you looking for the card to be low-profile and a standard-size bracket? Or do both the card and the bracket need to be low-profile?
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