I think my MB is fried. Opinions?

MB = GeForce6100PM-M2. V2.0

Everything working fine then one day it just tried to boot then shut down.
Found that the fan on the PSU was not working. Don't know how long it was faulty.

Installed new PSU Antec 500W
Upgraded AMD CPU to a new one.

Cleared CMOS jumper
Removed battery then reinstalled.

Hooked up same monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Powers up just fine but...

Monitor will not come on. When not connected to computer it shows Dell colors on screen, when connected it is black. Video card is integrated.

PS2 mouse port works, PS2 keyboard port does not.

Reset jumpers to power up USB ports but none of them work with mouse or keyboard.

Since I have no monitor display and no keyboard it is impossible to get into start-up mode.

My worse fears. . my MB has been fried. I would appreciate any opinions.
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  1. Not knowing your overall expertise, here's what I would do (please excuse the painfully obvious).

    Double check your power supply connectors firstly (24 pin and 4 pin). The smaller one likes to be stealthy, and the larger likes to be crooked sometimes.

    If those are nice and snug, unplug the PSU from the wall, wait 10 seconds and start removing all data cables from the motherboard. Reset your CMOS again by placing the jumper from 1 & 2 to 2 & 3. Wait 10 seconds. Pull the CMOS battery, wait 10 more seconds, and replace. Reset the jumper back to its default pins 1 & 2. Reconnect the data cables to their proper location. Plug the PSU back into the wall and fire it up. Enter BIOS and load optimized defaults... tweak as needed.
    A few users from Newegg reviews stated that board has "problems" with new hardware installs, and disconnecting everything, clearing CMOS, and starting from scratch helped. Since I was unable to find the exact procedure for clearing CMOS in your mobo's manual, the one provided is a best guess. The same reviews also mentioned spontaneous failures and a lack of help from the company (from 2-3 years ago)... but don't lose hope yet!

    If it still won't boot (and I'm assuming there aren't any POST beeps or error codes to help), retry the old CPU to see if maybe you weren't sold a defective one, or unintentionally zapped the new one. Also double check RAM seating. Clear the CMOS again after doing either.

    Keep yourself grounded when handling components, avoid touching metal on them, especially connectors, etc etc.

    If it STILL won't boot. Then you might want to look into a new motherboard.
  2. Thank you for taking the time for such a detailed reply. I have had everything unpluged and reconnected. CMOS is cleared with the jumper just as you stated. Took out the RAM and re-seated it. My CPU is brand new and seems to be ok. (the old one got the pins bent by accident but I wanted to upgrade so that was ok).

    I am still hooking up with everything as original when it was working fine, before it went down. (HD, DVD, mouse, keyboard, monitor) the only thing new is the PSU and CPU. I didn't check the pins on the 24 or 4 connectors because it was brand new, but I will now. I am going to take everything back down to nothing and start over as you suggested. My problem is I can't get the computer to recognize my keyboard so I am also stopped from keying into the system. (I thought it strange that the PS2 for the mouse is working but not the PS2 for the keyboard). Even tried booting from the original MB disk, then the Windows disk with everything connected but still no luck with the monitor or the keyboard.

    One more failure and I am on the search for a new motherboard. I hate to sound like a whiney-baby, but my monitor is a Dell with both the DVI & VGA plugs, and everytime I hook the monitor to the partially working computer I have to switch out those darn cables from the monitor. Dell computer uses DVI, GeForce has a VGA plug. Have worn blisters on my fingers. I am 72 yrs old tomorrow and have learned lots of patience, but this is pushing it to the limit. LOL

    After I go down to bare bones and back I will post the results, in case it may help someone else.
  3. Does the thing beep a few seconds after you turn it on, or does it just sit there with the fans spinning?
  4. No beeps. The DVD and HD power up as does the mouse.
  5. OK. Making sure I understood the problem correctly before sending you off for an adventure.
  6. Well, an adventure may be a welcome thing after the aggrevation with this computer. The sad thing is I paid a tech to install this MB and he ripped me off so many way. Didn't even have audio when I got it back.

    This venture started out very innocently. I have an eBay Store so I really need a reliable computer. My old Dell is about to give up the ghost, and I wanted to go to a SSD. Reviewed it carefully (I thought) and selected the Crucial 128MB. Then I learned that I need to upgrade from XP to Win7 to take advantage of TRIM, and then find out that my Dell is not suitable for Win7. Well, here is this computer sitting there which probably only needs a new PSU so that started the ball rolling. Installed the new PSU then when I went to re-seat the CPU and heatsink I find that the tech did not lock down the CPU into the AM2 slot, so the whole thing came out as one unit, bending some pins on the CPU. Thus a new CPU installed.

    I'm not exactly hardware savvy, but with the manual and the internet, I learned alot. And I love this forum, learned so much here.

    I thought I had unplugged everything, cleared what needed cleared, and still have this problem. I am going for it one more time though. I don't give up that easily.

    One question, after removing everything, clearing the CMOS and removing the battery and putting all back, won't I need to hook up the monitor, mouse & keyboard prior to booting the first time so it can be read? I have found that the on/off switch on the front will power it up but will not shut it down, so I have to shut down using the off switch on the PSU. I know this can't be good if the HD is indeed reading. Wanting to start it up with exactly the same configuration as original, it still has the old IDE HD.
  7. Yes, the keyboard, mouse, and monitor are needed prior to booting. The front power switch/button might need to be held for 3-5 seconds... most don't support instant shut-down after a certain point in the start-up process, but it can be overridden. If the HDD light isn't flashing, and you can't hear it clicking away, shutting down a few times with the hard power supply switch during troubleshooting shouldn't harm it. I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time, as it has the potential to shorten the life of many components.

    What type of AMD CPU did you install? Did you check all the specs to make sure it was compatible?
  8. http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=857&CategoryID=1&MenuID=20
    make sure your new cpu on that list. if not the mb wont have the bios info to post.
  9. I installed an AMD Phenom x3 8550 Triple Core. I went to the EliteGroup web site and it was listed as compatible for this MB.

    Thank you for the information on shutting down. I was concerned about shutting down with the switch. After the HD boots and runs for a few minutes the light on the front of the panel does go out but I can still feel the HD humming. So maybe I won't do much harm for another time or two.
  10. You can try the following link to do the troubleshooting on your issue:


    The easy way to isolate this issue --> Test the motherboard outisde the case with the minimum hardware.

    If you have any question, feel free to contact ECS technical support.

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