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I will be switching my old motherboard for a new one soon and im wondering if this will effect my OS, i heard that you need to reinstall windows or something? Any info would be helpful. Thanks:)
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  1. You should re-install windows to avoid errors but you can also try booting without re-installing anything.
  2. Can you give me a guide on how to do it properly i really don't want to mess anything up!
  3. I don't have a guide but there are many online including videos on youtube. It is a simple thing to do if you take your time and so some search before trying. If you still don't feel to confident try asking for help or have someone who know how to do it around just in case
  4. But backup your data before you start!If windows doesn't start after the MB exchange and you fiddle around with it is very likely that it will not start even with the old board afterwards.
  5. Unless you are exchanging your motherboard for an identical one, you sohuld format the system drive and re-install the OS, lest you will be left with a mighty mess of drivers.

    To do that, first you should back up all the information you don't want to lose.

    After that, follow any decent guide:


    If you have doubts, just ask us int the forums.
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