Help me to choose a graphic card for rs.4000

Hello experts,
My PC is of following specs,
Pentium E5200 Dual Core 2.5GHz
350W PSU
2GB DDR2 Ram
17" LCD,
I had bought an 8400gs 1024mb ddr3 graphic unit. But it is awful. My pc restarts when it overheats. So I have decided to update to a better unit. My needs are to play games like Crysis 2, Dirt 3, GTA 4 etc in good quality. Can anyone help me to decide a good graphic card. Which one is better? ATI or Nvidia? My budget is 4000. Please help me experts. If u cn help in the case of 8400gs, its most welcome.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I wanna play shift 2 also...!!! Wht is feedbak of HD5670 1gb ddr3? wts its price?
  2. Oh lol yeah that is a very old thread. I didn't realize it was from 2011.

    Well, at the $90 price point, they recommend the 5670, as you mentioned.
  3. any unit from nvidia? like gts240?
  4. I wonder if grody is the only member in this forum.....!!!!!!!
  5. Wht r de features dat we should consider while buying a graphic card?
  6. I would go with the GT 440. The gts240 is old tech.
  7. dilrox said:
    Wht r de features dat we should consider while buying a graphic card?

    Basically, just fps performance. You should keep in mind your psu's ability to handle it, but I think the 440 doesnt even need a power connector.
  8. wel, thts great, again m confuzed., is GT440 has better perfomance or HD5670?
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    The 5670 is slightly faster. Probably why Tom's Hardware chose it over the 440 for its recommended list.
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