Radeon 5450 video issues

I've installed an ASUS HD 5450 graphics card on an older P4 desktop machine, updated the driver (from AMD's site) and am still getting artifacts. I get the artifacts even when doing simple things- like e-mail. Not a gamer. Hoping there's a (relatively) simple solution that someone else has come across. ASUS support "will call me back within 24 hours" so not much help. Anybody?
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  1. Most likely a bad card! Other options would be a bad motherboard (seeing you say still getting artifacts)
  2. When I said "still getting artifacts" I meant after updating drivers. Never had the problem before. Have still not gotten any info from ASUS. Managed to speak with someone at ASUS who seemed to be a call screener, who said she would try to help "but didn't know much about graphics cards". She was right. Amazon (bought the card from them) agreed to swap it for a new one, even though my 30 days had passed. Nice. Will let you know if the new card works correctly.
  3. Yes definitely looks like a bad card!
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