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Core 2 Duo E7400 or Dual Core E5700

Hi there,

Fixing up an old PC for a friend, and I need to replace the CPU. Currently available options are a used E7400 and a brand new E5700. I cant seem to find any performance data on the internet for these two CPU's, so if anyone can link me to some data that would be great.

Also, any feedback from users who have overclocked these CPU's will help.
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  1. Depends on the price. I found a used e5200 for only $35 at anandtech's for sale forum today, but it was already sold. some of the old models can overclock higher than the newer stuff.
  2. Both cost the same. Equivalent to around $50 here. (A Core i3 2100 costs $130 by comparison).
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    E7500 - Core 2 Duo - 45nm Wolfdale CPU @ 2.93 GHz and 3MB of L2 cache released in Jan. 2009.

    E5700 - Pentium - 45nm Wolfdate CPU @ 3.00 Ghz and 2MB of L2 cache. Released in Aug. 2010.

    The Core 2 uses a 1033Mhz bus while the Pentium chip uses an 800 Mhz bus for the memory, that and the L2 cache will be the major differences. Realistically though I'd buy whichever is cheaper as real world performance will be nearly identical (even benchmarks are nearly the same for these two).

    EDIT: Just noticed you specified E7400 not E7500...

    E7400 - Core 2 Duo - 45nm Wolfdale CPU @ 2.80 GHz and 3MB of L2 cache released in Jan 2009.

    Same conclusion though. maybe a slight edge the Pentium chip.
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