I7 2670qm vs i5 2430m


I'm looking at buying a laptop for gaming and portability. I found a sweet acer that has a NVIDIA 540m (very easy to oc) 4gb of RAM and a screen res of 1368 x 768? Or something close.

But it comes down to 2 processors.

i7 2670qm (quad core 2.2)
i5 2430m. (Dual core 2.4)

Both have hyper threading but is it worth it hot my gaming needs? Also ill be keeping this for a long time and yes I know the 540 isn't great. Any thoughts
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  1. I've got a 17" HP ENVY with the 2670QM. I've got no complaints, I can play most of my games at decent resolution and medium to high details which isn't bad for a notebook.

    What kind of price difference are you looking at between the two? I think that would pretty much cinch it for me. If the 2670QM is significantly more expensive (maybe $100+) then I'd tuck that money away for a new laptop in a couple years time rather than waste the money on a marginal performance increase when you'll be GPU limited anyways.
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