What's better than an MSI GTX 580 Lightning???

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  1. spoiled little..

    have fun, hope they don't explode in your face and leave horrible scars that will make you wonder why you ever posted this in the future.

    ok im jk
  2. Lol, sorry, just a little excited! :D
  3. Not much is better to date. That is future proof, it is what they used to run the new unreal engine. Coming years from now.
  4. majin ssj eric said:
    Lol, sorry, just a little excited! :D

    hahaha you deserve to be excited. very jealous. can i have your address and the times when your out of the house?
    hahah jk.
  5. Very nice! Let me know how the SLI gos as i have a MSI GTX 580 Lightning also & am thinking of purchasing a 2nd one.

    I want to water cool mine though but cant find a GPU cooler block to fit unless im not looking in the wrong places.
  6. I'm so jelly, then I think about how much it cost for those :/
  7. It's 1200 for two in Newegg. when in stock.

    I myself am a power hog myself, but am a little dizzy breathing in this thin rarefied atmosphere of power and cash required to take possession of it.

    It's sitting ready to be sent to shipping as soon as the bank wire clears.

    I even have blue ray drives now in my HAF X build. Being anal about cable management to open up the guts to as much airflow as possible. Adding fans here and there. For Specific spots. Like a bunch of drone bees taking care of the hive.

    When I enter a room in BF3 when the world is ending outside, there better not be a microstutter or other flaw that will get me killed by some opponet running some kind of Radeon crossfire for half the money.
  8. Wow, nice rig! How old are you anyway 'cause I wanna have se-I mean hang out with you!
  9. Too old.... Been married 12 years and counting.
  10. Funny, I saw this thread randomly and thought, why not update it with what I have now:

    Specs are in my sig except the water cooling which I couldn't fit. Needless to say I've come a long way since I thought that dual 580 Lightnings was the bossest rig you could build!

    EK HF Supreme CPU block
    2 x EK FC7970 full cover GPU blocks
    EK RIVE mobo blocks
    EK FC Bridge
    Alphacool VPP655 D5 water pump
    All Bitspower Silver Shining fittings
    Hardware Labs Black Ice GTX 560mm and GTX 240mm radiators
    4 x Noise Blocker Pro PK-3
    3 x Noiseblocker Pro PL-2
    Bitspower 120mm Reservoir
  11. boom goes the dynamite
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