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I wanted to tell everyone about my experience with this board and Newegg. I have had 2 of them that were bad. The first one had error code 55 and would not read ram at all after it was tested with 2 different manufacture approved rams.

The second one is the fun Part. Newegg sent me a motherboard that is missing a pin. The pin is not bent, it is physically missing. I sent both broken boards back at the same time and they send both back to me claiming they were both damaged. One they later took back as there was no physical damage at all, they just wanted me to eat the cost.

Neither Newegg or Asus will replace the one with a missing pin. They sold me a completely defective board and then both companies told me to eat the cost. I don't know how many other this has happened to, but they have both lost this business customer.

To add insult to injury the board they took back was the first board I purchased for 189.98. The second was was on special for 175.23 and the first board had no damage, they returned the first board for the price of the second one. They did not care what serial numbers matched where. Neweggs customer support has gone way down hill.

If anyone else has this, go to your credit card company, they will help you get your money back.

Picture of missing pin.
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  1. What a shame. A few friends and I have also had our own issues with Newegg and Asus. Adding you into the mix means thousands of dollars that they stole from customers because they aren't willing to take the hit for shoddy merchandise. I'm glad we have consumer laws that protect us from this kind of crap and good on you for getting your money back. Sadly, I don't think this will get the message across and they will continue their poor practice. I don't think I'll be shopping Asus or Newegg anytime soon.
  2. Newegg is a business and they are out to make money, but everytime they wrong someone they are going to lose that customer plus more in some cases. In our case we're a business and that's easily 10,000 a year we're no longer given them.
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