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Hi Guys

This is my virgin attempt at building a computer from the parts, so i would really appreciate people who wouldn't mind commenting on my choices and giving me advice.

But anyway, here's a brief description of what i hope to use it for.
i. GAMING. :) I really want to play a heck loads of games at hopefully breath takingly beautiful detail and graphic settings. Most of them are the newer ones such as Assasins creed, crysis 2, civ 4, GTA 4, Diablo 3 (if it ever comes out.)

ii. basic worstation, with loads of chrome tabs, thunderbird and office (for writing) running 24/7. (i plan on using dual monitors)

iii. A home theatre system, with the ability to play 1080 videos without constant pausing

Budget is about 1-1.5k, including an OS. (not sure if i should save on OS and use ubuntu and spend the savings hardware, or cough up the money for win7)

The parts

CPU: Intel i5-2500k (sandy bridge)
Mobo: Asus p8p67 pro
GPU: nVidia GTX 560 ti
RAM. Kingston 1600MHz DDR3 4GB x2
HDD: 1x Samsung 1tb 7200rpm SATA HDD (should i use a 2 HDD configuration instead? One small SSD and one large HDD?)
DVD: A normal run of the mill drive would be enough

Total estimated cost 1k or 1.1 depending on hard disk configuration

All prices are in SGD
I could really use some recommendation on casing, psu, cooling and any other thing i forgot if you guys don't mind.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Nice build, should play well.
  2. All those parts should be less than $700, not 1-1.5K.
  3. I suppose you are from Singapore :)

    Why not try and find a Poly student and try to grab a free Win 7 Pro from him :sarcastic:
  4. CPU - i5 2500K
    Mobo - any p67 or z68 board with at least one PCI 2.0 x16. There are cheaper ones than the ASUS p67 pro that have these features.
    RAM - Kingston is fine, I seem to have less compatibility problems from build to build with GSkill, and tends to be cheaper.
    GPU - 560Ti is great, but for multi monitor gaming at resolutions of 1920x1080 or more, I might spend the extra $30.00 on a HD 6950 2GB.
    HDD - lots of google chrome tabs and office applications = get an SSD, even if its a small one, Crucial M4 64GB is like $115.00 currently.
    Get w/e else u like, <3 corsair PSUs. Single 12v rail plz.
  5. I find is humerous that someone from Singapore would come to a English site and expect us to know what "prices in SGD" means. :hello:

    Ignorance is bliss.
  6. playing all current games at very high settings may be a bit of a push with 560ti... or atleast it will be in a few months when skyrim and ME3 come out. a HD 6950 2GB would be better like Jadedmonkey suggested. or just grab a second 560ti and run SLI like I did and youd be in good shape :)
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