Will a 700W PSU support 560ti SLI + overclocking?

Hi, I just bought a new PC and am in the process of putting it together.

My processor is an i7-2600k and I'd like to overclock it - not massively, as this will be my first time, but somewhat, probably to whatever the standard is before I start having to fiddle with voltages.

Right now I have a single 560ti in my rig and in the future (a few months) I'd like to get another and SLI them.

I bought this PSU (I know OCZ can go back and fourth on reliablility depending on the PSU so I looked up this one specifically).
OCZ ModXTreme Pro 700W

I started to wonder if the 700W would be enough with overclocking + the SLI 560Ti's (I may overclock them but if I can get away with this PSU without overclocking them I'll do that instead).

Problem is I don't really want to have to get the next level PSU as the price jumps pretty heavily (from $85 to $110)...But I will if I have to.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. You should be fine. With no overclocking on the i7-2600k you are looking at around 550w with a pair of 560ti's in SLI which gives you some headroom...

    For your next PSU purchase look toward Antec, Corsair, XFX or Seasonic.
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    A good 700w PSU would definitely be able to power a build with two GTX 560 Tis. However with the ModXStream Pro 700W you have to worry about the number of connectors you have, as it only has two PCIe connectors.
    You could use molex to PCIe adapters, but you would have no molex connectors left for anything else such as fans. So as long as you don't need any molex connectors for anything else then you should be okay.
  3. this is about the same price as the Modstream, its higher quality (Silverstone), and has enough connectors (3 six-pin, 1 6+2 pin)
  4. Thanks for the help, I'm going to buy another PSU, I've read good reviews on this one: Coolermaster 850W M850

    I know it's not Antec or Seasonic but CM seems to be a reliable brand from what I'm reading, particularly this series anyway.

    What do you guys think?
  5. its reasonably reliable, yes. But 850 is overkill for 560ti in SLI.
  6. ScrewySqrl said:
    its reasonably reliable, yes. But 850 is overkill for 560ti in SLI.

    Even with OC'ing the 2600k and possibly the 560's, on top of an SSD being added in the futuer and another 4 gigs of ram (to make 4 sticks = 8 gigs)? What would you recommend?
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