I am looking at an upgrade for my wifes system (currently a C2Q, 4GB of ram, SSD ststem drive + HDD documents, 9800GT), this is just an office PC, and I have been swapping out parts from my old system to try and fix some random bugs, and I am finally getting fed up and upgrading her system.

Here is the upgrade I am planning:
CPU: i3 2125:

Mobo: MSI H77MA-G34

Ram: my current 16GB of 1333 would move over... or perhaps 1/2 will move over and I will sell the other 1/2? 16GB is a might bit much for an office PC (and I will upgrade to 2 sticks of 8GB of 1600, so that I can free up 2 dimms for a later upgrade to 32GB of 1600)

Anywho, I am pretty sure it will work just fine, but I have 2 questions I am a little worried about:
1) what features would 'break' on the mobo by pairing a SB processor with an IB mobo? I understand that PCIe3 would not work (which is not a problem), but would there be other issues like some of the USB3 ports not working or anything?

2) when do the IB i3 CPUs coming out? I would much rather get an i3 with HD4000 to get rid of the big space heater (9800GT), but I suppose the HD3000 on the current chip would be good enough for what she does anyways (office work and Netflix), and waiting for the new chips would just be prolonging the pain of random issues with the current setup.
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  1. when do the IB i3 CPUs coming out?

    Last I heard, sometime in Septermber
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    Core i3-32xx products will be released in the second week of September (the week that starts on September 2nd).

    however the 3225 boasts better HD 4000 graphics.

    the IB i3s will not have PCI 3.0, i can find the link with that info in a few . . . also the usb 3.o is on the chipset (z/h/b/7x)

    also have you looked at the B series? they do have only one 6Gbs SATA port but provide the same functionality as the H77s.
    where have you been? and doing well? (besides the upgrade frustrations?)
  3. Sweet, I can easily wait a few weeks for the IB i3 release. I would like to move her system to onboard GPU anyways, so the lack of PCIe3 is not an issue (get rid of the huge powerhungry GPU in the poorly vented box).

    I have not looked at the B series. I recently did a build with this same MSI mobo (you can see my review in the comments on newegg's site), and it is a great little board, but I will check them out later when I get a chance.

    As for me... well, I have been exhausted, but otherwise doing pretty good. Work has been busy but good, the kiddo has been doing well (with another on the way :D woot!), and I have been doing a massive house project that has eaten most of my spare time (thus the exhausted part).
    My own rig has been doing wonderfully; Just upgraded to a 2nd SSD in Raid0, and I am getting a peak performance of 1GB/s, and an average of 600MB/s, which is just mind-blowing to me! Also been using win8RTM, which I am quickly growing attached to, and will probably spend my Christmas money on.
    Really the only 2 issues right now are just my wife's PC and the home remodel. The remodel will be done in 2-3 weeks, and the PC issues will be done shortly after. Then I will hopefully get a little break before kiddo#2 comes along and wreaks havoc on my life :P
    What have you been up to looniam?
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  5. CaedenV said:
    What have you been up to looniam?

    arguing with people on THG when i have nothing to do.
    which fortunately for financial reasons is less often then before.
  6. looked at some of those B boards... it may not be a bad idea. Saves a few $$ too.
  7. cool. i did forget you cannot set up a raid on those either but, i do not think that is a concern for what you are looking for.

    and excuse my horrible manners for not congratulating you on the expected arrival.
  8. the b75 and h77 are pretty close in what they have. the b75 is aimed at businesses, but is usually has a better chipset and features than the alternative h61 mobos but are cheaper than h77, as h77 is essentially z77 with its overclocking stripped.
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