Graphic card dedicated memory vs system memory

I am going to purchase Dell Dell Mobile Precision M4600.

I have 2 options (because of the budget limit):
1) 16 GB system memory + AMD® FirePro® M5950 Mobility Pro Graphics with 1GB GDDR5
2) 8 GB system memory + NVIDIA® Quadro® 1000M with 2GB GDDR3

Which one is the better option?
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  1. Buy 1st one because the type of memory is DDR5
    Since 1GB DDR=768MB DDR2=512MB DDR3=384MB DDR4=256MB DDR5 and M5950 DDR3 version is also faster than NVIDIA Quadro 1000M 2GB DDR3
    And last I would say NVIDIA Quadro 1000M is too slow to utilize 2GB of Video RAM.
  2. I have no idea what divyanshu is on about ?
    As those are professional cards im assuming this is for professional 3D modeling or some such ?
    I'm not an expert on graphics programs but i believe that the important thing is the actual size of the frame buffer, more being better here and not the speed of the Ram as would be the case for gaming.
    As such the 2GB of ram would benefit you more as it allows you to hold more info in the frame buffer which i believe to be the important thing in rendering work.
    Hopefully another poster can clarify this for me ?

    Mactronix :)
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