my current setup

palit gtx 550ti sonic
4gb ddr2 800
600watts everest
19" monitor

i have a little extra money to upgrade my gpu to gtx 560ti or stretch my budget a little to upgrade to fx 4100 plus new mobo and ram.

what is more practical? Gpu upgrade keeping my current cpu or keeping my current gpu and upgrade my cpu?

the reason for this upgrade is gaming

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  1. save your money for an entire new system. you probably wouldn't even see any difference going from an e7500 to fx4100, it's not a good gaming chip. save up about $500, then you can make a sensible move. any upgrade you do on that system, or buying a fx4100 is going to be a waste of money.
  2. have you considered an intel 2500k? great value chip for a games machine
    with a extreme3 gen3 asrock m/b would only be around $370 +50-60 for some ram
  3. thanks for the advice, maybe i'll just wait for the ivy bridge comes out and hope that sandy bridge price will go down.
  4. If you're going for a new graphics card, wait until the end of November/early December when nVidia release the new version of the GTX 560TI called the GTX 560TI 448.
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