Most current video card supported by Dell XPS 720

I have a Dell XPS 720 (ca. 2007) with a 768MB GeForce 8800GTX that is quickly giving up the ghost. It was gradual at first, happening only occasionally, but now the PC won't run in Windows for more than a few minutes before bsod'ing me. Even before Windows loads the screen is sometimes messed up.

Anyway, rather than spend a ton of time troubleshooting I think 3 1/2 years is plenty justification for a new video card (if not an entirely new PC).

I would like to know if the XPS 720 supports better and newer cards than the 8800GTX? Dell was of no help answering this question when I contacted them (granted, I AM 2 years past the service agreement).

Could someone tell me the beefiest single card my PC will support? I prefer nVidia but ATI has treated me well in the past also.

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. I've found some posts on other forums that seem to suggest even the GTX 480 running on an XPS 720 (with a 1000W ps) - other posts state with more confidence that the XPX 720 will run a GTX 285 without a problem.

    I just want to make sure this is true before I go out and buy one. Also, I'd like to know if I'll see a significant performance increase between the 8800GTX and the GTX 285 or GTX 480.

    Thanks again!
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