Underclocking and undervolting GPU

I have a Geforce GTX 560 810mhz/1620/4008. Some games are not very demanding so I intend to underclock my GPU for less heat, lower consumption and less noise.
The iddle Voltage is 0.875V and full load is 1V.
For the CPU I use Intel Burn Test but how can I test if the graphics card is stable with 0.95-0.96-0.97V at 675/1320/3600(GTX 460 clocks) ?
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  1. I've found that a benchmarking program called Unigine Heaven 2.5 (Freeware) will cause instability when other games/benchmarks wouldn't. I leave it to run for an hour, if it hasn't artifacted or crashed then I'll call my overclock stable.
  2. I will try Unigine Heaven.
    But for the CPU, Intel Burn Test gives you a warning if the CPU is unstable and you know that the voltage should be increased.
    Is there any program telling you when the GPU is unstable ?
    If there are no artifacts or crashes in Unigine you still can't be sure that it's 100% stable.

    For the memory I use Video Memory Stress Test.
  3. You'll know if the GPU is unstable, it'll usually be very obvious, If thats not good enough try EVGA OC scanner or ATI Tool, both scan for artifacts and will tell you if any occur, then thats your que to up the volts.
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