Trouble getting PS3 to catch WiFi connection

Hello good people of Tom's Hardware. Please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place.

My friend has a PS3 and it doesn't catch the WiFi signal from the router. Router is a Belkin 54g. The PC's in the house all have a perfect wifi signal. I personally have never owned a PS3 or seen the settings/menus/options. He told me he tried to do a "quick format" and messed around with settings but still doesn't get a signal. The PS3 is the old fat bulky ones. He used to be able to get a signal a while back but it was only for a couple days and now he just gets nothing. Is it possible the wifi card in there needs to be replaced?

Note: I have not seen his WiFi setup options or distance of ps3 to router. I'm hoping this is one those quick fixes where the guy forgot to turn on some options or settings. I will post more details when I get to see it soon but hopefully its just a setting/option.

Any suggestions, tips, or comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time as always.
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  1. I thought only the PS3s of the last couple of years had a wi-fi capability. However, he might be able to reassociate it with the network if he connects through a cable just for that purpose.
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