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Gigabyte vs Asus vs Asrock

So I know this is like splitting hairs but I own an Asrock motherboard but I keep reading that the Asus and the Gigabyte motherboards are better. My question is Which of the three brands is the better one? I've only build one PC myself and it has an Asrock motherboard, while I don't have any complaints I'd like to know from your experience which one of the brands is better? Thanks in advance for the input!
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  1. Gigabyte and Asus are in a different league than ASrock.
  2. I've used both, and my experience has been much better with Asus than Gigabyte.
    It's not to say Gigabyte isn't great; although the particular board I had possessed some Vdroop issues, it was definitely a solid board.
    Overall though, for me Asus boards have had cleaner performance, better presentation, and amazing software support (seems like there's a larger knowledge base, too).
    You win with either board though, so make sure you know what you need, and see which side has better hardware for your needs.
  3. Good feedback! If one is to make three tiers of motherboard brands, which brands would be in what tier? Obviously Gigabyte and Asus would be in the top tier, but which other brands, if any, would also be in the top tier? And in which brands would be in tier 2 & 3? Where would Asrock fall in?

    Again thanks in advance for the feedback!
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    In my opinion:

    Tier 1: Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA
    Tier 2: AsRock, MSI.
    Tier 3: Foxconn, Biostar, Zotac

    I didn't include Intel because while they make very high quality boards they're not meant for overclocking and so target a different market all together.
  5. Awesome! Well from what I've read I think most ppl are leaning more towards Gigabyte over Asus but those are definitely the most brought up brands. I'm surprised to see EVGA up there. I would have thought MSI would be up in tier one but I haven't read good things about MSI. Well Thanks again for your input.

    Please feel free to chime in and rank Motherboards.
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