Network Driver problem with new Maximus IV Extreme Rev. 3 2700k HELP!

Hey everyone, just got my new rig built, windows 7 pro installed. I'm having problems getting the correct drivers installed, ive tried the Asus drivers disc that comes with the mobo and the drivers off their website. When i try to run the install, it goes through with the location of where i want the installation then during the progress bar right after the install starts its errors and says "Cannot install Intel drivers, no Intel(R) adapters are present in this computer". Hopefully someone has experienced this before? It's driving me nuts having this $3500 build and cant connect to the internet or anything!! :pt1cable:
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  1. Btw, ive re-installed the OS twice now and nothing helps, the Network Adapter doesn't show up under the device manager either...
  2. no advice anyone?
  3. Hi! I have exactly the same problem now. I cannot install my sound or network drivers on my maximus iv extreme b3 rev :(

    98camarozzz, have you found a solution yet? If you have please leave a reply, this is really frustrating. Thx ;)
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