Do i need a water block on the mosfets?

I OC my cpu and my VREG temps was 86 C with a small fan on it(that was a hot day) on full load when i was running prime. Without any testing on idle it's 64-69 C.
Do i nee a water block for mosfet?
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  1. No. Your temps are fine.
  2. Your temps are NOT fine. Anything above 70c is damaging. You don't need a water block, but a cheap aftermarket cooler would be a wise investment if you're planning on using this computer for a while. Even before that, you may just want to try improving the airflow in your case. If it's too dusty, that would make the processor heat up significantly. Maybe put another fan somewhere in the case to improve airflow.
  3. stingstang he's talking about VREG temps, as in voltage regulator, not core temps. Generalizing that anything above 70C is damaging is also untrue, as video cards run in the 70s and 80s all the time, as they are designed to be able to do.

    Matvey, assuming that you googled this question already, I have to ask what CPU and voltage you are using for what speed?
  4. I7 939 vcore 1.38 V . VVT +150 ( + 1.5 v from stock)
  5. I don't know of an i7 939, a 930 or 940 maybe?
  6. Cpu speed 4 GHz
  7. Soryy man i am texting from the iphone i7 930
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