Using Router As Wireless Repeater But Connecting By Wire

Hi folks, I am currently using a dying wireless USB adapter to access the home network. I have an old wireless router lying around that I would like to use as a repeater/access point. Here's what I would like to do:

1) Connect my PC to the repeater via wire.
2) Use the repeater to connect wirelessly to the existing home network
3) Proffit???

Is that possible?

I believe I can use the old wireless card as a "real" repeater and have that extend the existing signal. However, like I said, my wireless adapter is dying. Can't I use the old router as a repeater, but connect to it with a wire instead of wirelessly?

Thanks :sol:
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  1. not every router can be used as or converted to a wireless repeater.

    What make and model is the router
  2. It's a D-Link 614+ from a while back.
  3. it is a B-router which does not have the option of being used as a repeater nor can it be converted to a repeater via firmware
  4. oh, well that sucks. Thanks
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