Crysis 2 slowdown after few minutes

Hi. I recently started to have slowdown on my pc games after a while. i usally play 5-6 minutes then my fps drops to 5-10. I've tried all resolutions and graphics settings but nothing helps. cheked my temps,background processes etc... and nothing unusual stands out. i'm literally going mad trying to fix this. any help would be greatly appreciated.


AMD Phenom II x6 1090t 3.21ghz
8gb ram
Radeon HD 6870
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
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  1. normally overheating would cause this, but you say temps are fine? What make/model of
    power supply are you running? that would be the next thing to look at if nothing is overheating.
  2. I'm using an ULTRA LSP 550W ATW Power Supply.

    i'm really lost because I already finished the single player campaign in Very High Settings 1920x1080 without any problems but when i installed it this time I can't seem to get consistent fps for more than 5 minutes.

    I did a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate 64bit an nothing has improved.
  3. yeah, Ultra PSU's are pretty poor quality. They are ok at first but after 12 months they are prone to leaking capacitors. Some people have issues with new ones also. this thread show it has poor power output on its 12v rail, may be the issue. Also check the PSU fan is spinning and not overheating. If you can get your hands on a better PSU to test with that would be great. Not enough amps on 12v rail for that setup IMO. Its probably failing when it heats up after a few minutes then cant supply enough power.
  4. Ok I'll try to get another one today and let you know how it goes. Thanks
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