Hi, I have an old Intel System running Pentium Dual-Core E2140 and DG41RQI motherboard and 4GB of Transand RAM (DDR2)
I am planning to upgrade the processor to Intel Pentium Dual Core E6600 3.06 GHz Processor.
Is this processor is worth the upgrade. What is the percentage of performance increase I can expect from this upgrade?
I am looking at the gaming aspect
1 Pentium Dual-Core E2140+ASUS nvidia GTS450
2 Pentium Dual Core E6600+ ASUS nvidia GTS450
Can I expect any performance increase in NFS RUN or Crysis 2 by this processer Upgrade. Since most games are optimized for latest cores.
Does Pentium Dual Core E6600 has identical core as in Core I3/I7 accept the Turbocore and lesser L2 cache ?
If not this. Can any on suggest any cheap alternative for my LGA775 socket
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  1. Not really. I'd save money for a new system altogether.
  2. I am looking for a cheap processor upgrade. so that i can still play some games for 1.5 years at-least :) these dual cores are cheaper.
    Plz suggest if i keep the existing CPU. i can still play these games without any performance degrade?

    or do i benefit from this upgrade. at least for an year
  3. What is your budget? IMO it just doesn't make sense to spend any money on that platform at this stage.
  4. Anandtech has benchmarking charts that include the e2140, and e6300 (2.8Ghz). These charts indicate at least a 50% increase in performance in almost every test with the 6300. In many cases it is very close to a 100% increase. This includes gaming. The one exception was a fallout 3 bench mark which only showed a 10% gain. The faster e6600 wasnt included in this suite of tests, but it should beat the e6300 by an additional 5% or so.
    Ideally, no it wouldnt be real worthwhile to most people to put money into an old platform like yours, but as we all know...life isnt always the way we want it to be, and not everyone has loads of cash to throw into a new rig. You would be going from a 1.6Ghz cpu with a 1mb L2 cache, to a 3.06 Ghz cpu with a 2mb L2 cache. That is quite significant, and the benchmarks back it up! The additional speed would open up a whole new class of games that the e2140 would definately struggle with.
    Compared to the latest greatest hardware the e6600 is definately not so hot...but compared to your current 2140, it's smokin!
    Bottom line..it's your money, and we don't know your situation, but if it isnt very expensive and you have no chance of building a new PC, it is in my opinion a viable option
    by the way the e6300 in Anandtechs benchmarks rates very slightly below an AthlonII X2 255, so the e6600 would be it's equal or very slightly faster for comparison
  5. there are many options in 775 you can upgrade to a c2d or even a c2q
  6. He may have an older socket 775 motherboard that only supports cpu's with a front side bus of 800Mhz, or 1066Mhz I used to have an old Intel motherboard with I think the 945 express chipset thatwas limited to 800Mhz. We dont know if the OP is planning to by used or new either. NewEgg has 3C2D's and 1 C2Q available...the cheapest is 131.99 for anE7500 wolfdale @ 2.93Ghz. The pentium e6600 is 74.99. At twice the price, in my opinion, the C2D is not a worthwhile upgade as compared to the e6600 pentium, for an older system. The only C2Q listed was 299.99, btw
  7. I have G41 Chipset now (intel DG41RQ motherboard), I had issues with my old Asus 945 based board 3 years ago so I went for this board. So that I can keep all my existing hardware intact (4GB DDR2 ram) intact.Board was cheap as well. Initially I did had issue with this board.but after trying several versions of bias finally G41 recognized my E2140 processor.
    Since intel updated their bias drivers I am pretty confident that they might have added this processor in their new bias software. I will order E6600 :) Thanks a lot guys.
    and thanks GI_JONES your views are extremely helpful :)
  8. Imo this is just me if i was on budget i wouldnt go any lower then i3 but if i had the cash atm i would go for i5 2500k or wait for ivy bridge..Getting lower cpu is decent i guess but i would be at the point of rebuilding or replacing parts.
  9. Hi I have another question related to this issue, I was not able to find Pentium® Processor E6600 and the vender refunded my money. If I wish to wait for some time does intel has any plan to release dual cores for LGA775 in future with 25nm? Since they have kept this socket alive till from 2006 to 2010 or E6800 is the latest and last (final) one which I can find for this socket?
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