Hi I have a asus p8z77 - v lk mobo and G.SKILL Ripjaws 8gig ddr3 1600 memory.
Specs are:
i5 3570k
gtx 660ti MSI PE
Corsair PSU 650W

I just built this pc and I can't get it to input signal to monitor. I noticed that MEMOK led was lit red and went online to look for solutions... a video on youtube said to hold it for 3 seconds so that the memory can get compatible with mobo but here is the issue for me: The bright red led stopped glowing constantly and is now flashing quickly... after 15 seconds my computer turns off and reboots itself and it keeps going on like that... I tried changing the ram slots and using only 1 stick at a time but to no avail... can anyone help me with this problem?
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  1. Perhaps a mobo issue then -- one of the memory channels has gone?
  2. That's what MemOK does. It tests different memory configurations to find one that works, restarting in between. Look at page 2-16 in the manual.
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