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i bought a computer from a friend and i hooked everything up to it in the places that it is saposed to go but when i turn it on it comes up:

we appologize for the inconvience windows did not start succesufully.(and the rest that goes on to that)

Safe Mode
Safe mode with networking
safe mode with comand prompt

Last known good comfiguration ( your most recent settings that worked)

Start windows normaly

i tryed all these and when it gets the the screen where it starts to load in it looks like its loading fine and then it comes up no signal.does anyone know whats wrong?
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  1. Change the motherboard or any other piece of hardware recently?
  2. How is your monitor connected to the pc? I have this problem with my hdmi port if I unplug it and then plug it back in. It defaults to the vga port and I have to use a vga monitor to select hdmi output again and reboot and it works fine again. I learned the hard way not to borrow this pc's hdmi cable. LoL.
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