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Motherboard versus battery

Last response: in Motherboards
August 25, 2012 11:58:33 PM

Hi Tom's

I know the title comes off as a bit strange, but allow me to explain.

So, as most of you know, I'm so close in updating an old Gateway Solo 9100 laptop. Last component needed was a battery since the old one was dead.

Outside of refilling mine, at first I got a Chinese (no offense) battery - now it did hold a charge but it gave an error (red) light on my laptop and didn't show up in hardware, so I returned it.

Now I am dealing with a domestic company that sells new official Gateway batteries (not used or refurbished) - but I don't know how exactly how old the batteries are to the point that they may be drained I guess. So for $25 for a new official Li-Ion battery for an old laptop, sure what the heck, right?

So I got it, plugged it in, saw that the charging light went to amber (good), and a couple of hours later it went to green/fully charged. Cool.

So I went ahead and pulled the plug - computer went dead. Immediately I thought this battery is a dud. But it does show up in XP/Linux (the battery information) as being charged, and Gateway did have an old program that I had to run from Win98 that conditions the battery - all is good there.

So the company came back and said that the battery was tested before it left and that the problem is with my motherboard, but they are willing to retest the battery in case it is indeed a dud.

So, taking into account that the Chinese battery held its charge (and I had the Chinese battery oh 3-4 months ago), is there any way to specifically see if my mobo side is going bad? I have an Intel 440BX if that helps (???). I do have the capability to take it apart/solder, etc. Or is the battery shot (which I really hope is the case)? Could the Chinese battery have caused any problems?

Basically I'm looking to see if the charger on the mobo is bad somehow, even though all the tests and lights work.

Any ideas?

August 29, 2012 1:24:47 AM

Ok, so I did test the output of the battery bays, and I get 4.75 VDC. The AC adapter is rated 19 VDC and that's ok, but the battery also has charge.

Any ideas? Could it be a motherboard issue?